About Us

We're a boutique team established in 2010 with more than 13 years experience between us. We implement traditional real estate techniques with new-aged internet marketing. This has helped us close approximately $30 Million in sales since we've opened our doors and allows us to sign more than 125 leases per year.

Our Namesakes

Daniel Burnham and Louis Sullivan are arguably the two most prolific architects in the history of Chicago. However, the two didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye as Burnham was a traditionalist who drew inspiration from the classical styles of Rome and Greece & Sullivan was a progressive who would later be coined “The first modernist” and “The father of the sky scraper”.  In spite of the fact that the two never collaborated in life: Chicago exists as a synthesis of these two great influencers.

We here at Burnham and Sullivan Properties don’t choose sides, rather we recognize and draw from the strengths of both. Combining traditional advertising and real estate techniques with progressive networking and internet marketing to creating an on and off-line experience bound by continuity.